She’s not called ‘The Body’ for nothing.

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Not only is Elle Macpherson one of the original supers, she’s also one of the original wellness gurus with observing her healthy habits and fitness routines being a national pastime for decades.

In a recent interview with US Harper’s Bazaar, Macpherson’s long-time nutritional doctor Simone Laubscher, MD divulged on how the supermodel maintains her famous physique, 34 after she signed with her first modelling agency. Along with an active lifestyle, Macpherson follows an alkaline diet, which means steering clear of red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar and processed food but that doesn’t mean her diet is boring. Here’s what her day on a plate looks like.

For breakfast, Macpherson has an egg omelette, spinach and avocado, Laubscher says that another favourite of hers is “flaxseed pudding made with almond milk and berries.”

When it comes to lunch, the mogel’s go-to is salmon with lemon, olive oil, beetroot and pearl barley. “She’s a big fish girl,” says Laubscher. “She eats hardly any chicken or meat.”

Her favourite dinner involves breaking the rules a little bit (she is only human after all), Macpherson will have Sea Bass with a Greek salad and makes an exception for her no-dairy policy by topping it with goat’s cheese or haloumi.

And don’t for a second think Elle isn’t a snacker. To warn off sugar cravings she’ll eat dates and drink green tea.

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September 23, 20161:52pm

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