Struggle curling your hair? This is for you.

Melissa with her Victoria’s Secret curls

Every year, there are two things that get me with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. One – those perfect bodies (I actually tried to commit to all the booty/ab exercises they do this year, but instead I ended up addicted to The Crown on Netflix). And two – can someone just give me those damn perfect hair waves? PLEASE?

I have a lot of hair and it’s long, so I figure of the two life goals, the Victoria’s Secret hair waves are the most achievable. I’m actually pretty decent at waving my own hair with a hair straightener, but it’s pretty unpredictable as to how good I can get them. Like, bit less glamour-queen, bit more chilling-at-the-beach, you know?

Anyway. If you didn’t get bombarded with backstage Victoria’s Secret pics, you would have missed the constant references to this hair curler, which was as present at the show as those iconic pink robes.

The curler was created by celeb hairstylist Sarah Potempa, and its unique selling point is that it rotates, looping your hair around the barrel for you.

Obviously, if it was hailed as the reason all the Victoria’s Secret models had perfect, low key waves, I had to try it. It’s available in Australia now via Sydney Salon Supplies, so I hit them up for one to trial.

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I’ve struggled with hair curlers in the past. I have a LOT of hair and minimal patience, so the process of separating small amounts and wrapping them around a wand, then WAITING (waiting is the devil) for them to set is torture to me. I much prefer taking larger chunks and running them through my straightener. But the whole rotating curler thing did intrigue me.

I started with the bottom section of my hair. You basically clip the base of your hair piece into the curler, and then hit “go” on the handle. The Beachwaver PRO rotates and wraps your hair around the barrel, and when you release “go” is when it stops. There are three ways to do your hair with the curler – waves, curls and vintage, tight curls. It’s all in how you hold the tool, and for waves, you hold it vertically.

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This is probably the biggest plus of the tool besides the rotating business. It can be really hard to get the exact look you want using ANY heat tool, let alone a curler. Having a foolproof method for achieving your ideal style is great – and the vertical holding thing definitely gave a wave over a tight curl, as you’ll see at the end of this.

Here’s the bottom section of my hair after using the Beachwaver PRO. Note that I haven’t actually brushed these out yet hence why they’re tight and weird looking.

The bottom section of my hair after using the curler

The bottom section of my hair after using the curlerSource:BodyAndSoul

I kept going, doing sections the same as I would with a straightener. I burnt myself once, but I’d probably attribute that to the fact that I rush through everything and take on heat tools with the kind of devil-may-care attitude you really shouldn’t have around 210C items. Speaking of heat – the Beachwaver PRO has a heat adjustment, which is great because you shouldn’t go at your hair with 210C unless it’s very thick and coarse. It also tells you which heat will suit your hair type in the instructions.

Another benefit, and an important one if you want a natural finish – the Beachwaver PRO can rotate right OR left. You just hit the specific buttons to change its direction. I tried to remember to alternate so every second curl was the opposite direction – this is key to getting waves that don’t look too “done”.

When I finished, the instructions were to separate the waves with my fingers. I didn’t think this worked for my style so I did what I normally do and brushed out the waves. Here’s the final result.

The final result

The final resultSource:BodyAndSoul

Obviously they’re not heavily styled – I didn’t want that kind of finish and I think I could have gotten it if I did the curling “hold” from the instructions. I wanted loose waves and I got them!

Would I use it again? Look I’m pretty set in my ways and because I can do straightener-curls, I like to stick with that. Using a hair curler – even a fancy, rotating one that heats up really well like this one – does take longer than straightener curls if you’re a pro at straightener curls. But I would highly recommend this guy to anyone who struggles to curl their hair. The rotating function is easy to use and takes the guesswork out of things. It’s powerful and it only takes a few seconds to get each curl. And it does what it says on the box, which is give you the style as per how you held the wand. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 – meet your new angel. Me.

Beachwaver PRO Curling Iron @ Sydney Salon Supplies, $ 282

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