With what can feel like a never-ending line-up of Christmas parties, it might feel like the only ‘healthy’ option is avoiding the canapes and sticking to the dips platter. 

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Of course, compared to the chips, and pastries, a bit of guac and a serving of creamy French onion doesn’t seem so bad.

But as oil is often used to make the consistency smooth, some dips contain more calories than expected… Not to mention, it’s easy to down half a tub before before you’ve finished your first glass of bubbles!

While mostly unsaturated (good) fats are used in most dips, in just a couple of tablespoons of others, you’ll get close to the amount of fat in two teaspoons of margarine or butter.

Ingredients lists are ranked from highest to lowest by weight and for many dips you’ll see oil at the top!

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So, here’s some tips to help you choose a healthier dip – because there are some great options out there!

➖ Check the nutrition info panel and choose a dip with

➖ Remember: the fewer ingredients, the better!

➖ Yoghurt or cottage cheese-based dips and some brands of Hummus tend to be the ones on point, but you still need to check the label.

Serve your platter up with mostly vegetable sticks, some wholegrain crackers and enjoy! ‘Tis the season, after all…

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Paula Norris is an accredited practicing dietitian and creator of the @MovingDietitianInstagram account. Norris is passionate about dispelling nutritional myths and expose the ugly facts about products many companies don’t want you to know. For more, follow her here.

December 15, 201611:27am

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