They can make plants into anything.

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With the vegan movement in full force, an increasing number of chefs are getting creative with plants. Although a meal without the god-like substance that is cheese might sound unappealing (am I, right?) there are so many ways to spice up dishes without hurting the animals. Soy fish and uncooked doughnuts might not have the best ‘ring’ to them, let’s be honest, but some chefs are making them taste a lot better than they sound. These are the vegan chefs to watch right now.

Ames Starr

The Brisbane-based founder of wellness site Raw and Peace might just be one of the most innovate chefs of today. Not only is she vegan, she is also ‘raw’. Raw foodism is essentially avoiding cooked and processed foods. Although this may sound boring, she certainly isn’t missing out. From raw vegan doughnuts to watermelon sorbet, Starr doesn’t let her diet get in the way of experimenting with food.

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Shanaka Fernando

This Sri Lankan-born chef travelled the world before settling down in Australia. His brain child is Lentil as Anything, located in Sydney and Melbourne, a vegan restaurant where the guests choose how much they pay for their meals. Based on trust and a faith in humanity, this vegan creator makes delicious, mindful food with a big heart.

Suzy Spoon

The words vegan and butcher aren’t usually placed together, but Suzy Spoon did it anyway. Her St Peters store in Sydney offers a range of ‘meat cuts’ without the meat, or even any animal products. Complete with mouth-watering recipes to use with her creations, Suzy Spoon is the vegan chef to watch.

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Melanie Baker

Baker started out her career as a professionally-trained chef, however left it because she didn’t feel passionate about it. After changing to a plant-based diet, Baker was inspired to create her blog ‘The Kind Cook’ which helps to dispel myths about veganism being a dull diet. She makes all her readers aware that vegan food can be flavourful, creamy and easy to make.

Liss Harry

For everyone who thought that fish and chips were off the menu, Liss Harry is proving you wrong. The chef and owner of Bliss and Chips in Sydney’s Newtown knows that taste is essential when it comes to vegan food. Her little shop shows no sign of its non-fish origins, with the normal list of battered fish, crabsticks and potato scallops. It’s an authentic fish and chip shop, without the fish.

These chefs are continually proving that food can be delicious without hurting the animals or the environment. Being conscious of what you put in your body and how it affects the world can never be a bad thing. We’re. Big. Fans.

September 22, 20169:11am

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