“I’ll just do some squats here instead while I watch The Bachelor.”

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We’ve all been there. We had the best of intentions to get to the gym and smash out that workout, but you literally just can’t right now.

Skipping a workout makes us feel guilty, unless we have the perfect excuse to convince ourselves out of it.

Aha! It’s too cold, it’s SO hot outside, I’m too hungry, I’m too full. We’ve heard them all before.

But if only we put as much effort into exercising as we do into making up creative excuses to get out it, we’d be fit in no time.

Here are just some of the hilarious things we’ve all told ourselves to get out of going to the gym:

1. “I’m really hungry and that salmon fillet expires today, if I get home late I know I won’t be bothered to cook it and it was kinda expensive.”

2. “I can’t find my earphones and everyone knows I can’t exercise without music.”

3. “The Bachelor/Bachelorette is on tonight and I won’t be able to watch it on catch-up until tomorrow and I definitely don’t want to miss the first half of it, how will I know who went on the single date?”

4. “My favourite sports bra is in the wash and my boobs hurt when I run in any other bra.”

5. “I got a really good car park in an all-day zone outside my house and if I move it to drive to the gym, I definitely won’t be able to get another one.”

6. “I just washed my hair and it looks amazing today, it never looks this good so it would be a shame to ruin it and I don’t want to wash it again.”

7. “I’ll just do some squats here instead while I watch The Bachelor.”

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8. “I fake tanned last night and if I exercise it will go all streaky and rub off and be ruined.”

9. “I was planning to go to the 6pm class and now it’s 5.42 and I definitely won’t get there in time. I hate walking into class late. I’ll go tomorrow!”

10. “I’ve got period pain / I’m constipated / I feel like I’m getting sick / I have low iron.”

11. “I can’t find a hair elastic / an empty water bottle / the other ankle sock.”

12. “I had to stay late at work to finish off some emails and now I’m half an hour late and it’s just too late now.”

13. “I didn’t eat that much and have been really good today so I’m probably in negative calories anyway.”

14. “I ate too much, I’m so full and bloated. I’ll write it off as a cheat day!”

15. “It’s not like if I skip the gym tonight, I’ll be fat tomorrow.”

16. “I was going to go for a run but it’s too cold / it’s raining / it’s too hot, I better sit this one out.”

17. “I’ll get up at 5.30am tomorrow and do the morning class and then go tomorrow night to make up for it. Double workout day, yay!”

18. “I have tonnes of time before bikini season, I’ll start next week!”

19. “Today was such an annoying day at work. I need a wine, not a work out.”

20. “I’ve already showered and I don’t want to have to shower a second time.”

21. “I skipped the free cupckaes at the office today, so I’m good right?”

All of these reasons fall into the category of: “I don’t always exercise, but when I do, I do it tomorrow.”

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The Biggest Loser trainer Steve Commando Wills told myBody+Soul he has heard every excuse under the sun and he can’t stand them.

“Every second person I speak to has one. ‘I went to bed too late,’’ he said. “‘The kids are too full on at the moment’, ‘Work is MENTAL!, ‘I’ve just lost my mojo’… You know what? I’ve heard them all.”

But he says there is one simple trick to go from totally unmotivated to smashing out a workout.

“Most people don’t wake up in the morning and say ‘Gee, I’d love to go and slug my guts out in the gym!’. The thing is just to get up. Set your alarm and just get out of bed; don’t think about it. After that, if you’re still struggling to get motivated, commit to five minutes. Anyone can do that. It’s a sure bet that once you’re up, out of bed; gym clothes on and a little brighter-eyed, you’ll be smashing out 20, 30, 60 minutes before you know it.”

Remember, the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. So get moving and you never know what will happen!

October 26, 201610:21am

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