This is a huge development for anyone who’d rather try before they buy.

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A new 3D-imaging system that will provide facial cosmetic procedure patients with an accurate prediction of results is being developed by researchers at the University of Western Australia.

Most health practitioners who perform cosmetic work use before and after 2D photographs to show their patients a prediction of results, which can be misleading and unreliable.

Winthrop Professor Mohammed Bennamoun from the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering said the team had developed a fully automatic system to produce a 3D analysis of the outcomes of facial procedures.

“It is a 3D system that compares two overlaid images to produce a single and precise evaluation of the actual effects of a cosmetic procedure,” he said. “The system indicates where the changes have occurred and by how much, in association with a probability-based predictive modelling system to help the patient understand the potential changes before treatment.” The award-winning, grant-funded research is a national collaboration with UWA and Adelaide-based Cosmetic Medicine Australia.

September 16, 201610:40am

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