‘Delicious and nutritious’ is the tagline for these quick and easy recipes.

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Ever looked at a gorgeous Instagram dinner post defeated, knowing you don’t have three hours, four colanders and nine types of quinoa to replicate at home?

Healthy eating can seem like a massive challenge, but enjoying clean, delicious food just doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you prepare ahead of time, have a few hard-workign staples in your fridge and are willing to put in the amount of minutes it’ll take that Deliveroo/ Foodora/ Menulog/ UberEats order to arrive, anyway, you could be enjoying one of these delicious, filling and nutrient-packed dinners.

Here, our favourite instagrammers share with us their go-tos, when they only have a small amount of time to achieve maximum results.

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Emmily Banks


“My favourite fast dinner is a curry. I start with a base of sautéed onion, garlic, ginger, chilli and turmeric, plus any other herbs and spices (bay leaves, cumin, mustard seeds) that take my fancy. I let those delicious flavours cook out in some ghee or coconut oil and then throw in some chicken broth, a little coconut milk and whatever veg I have on hand. Let it simmer away for 15 mins and it’s good to go!”

Jess Lirosi


“I am obsessed with zucchini pasta. Oh my goodness, who knew that zucchini could replace pasta so beautifully? And that’s coming from someone who loves their pasta. I love making it with marinated olives, bocconcini, chilli flakes, cherry tomatoes and a tiny bit of oil and salt.”

Amy Lee


“Lately I’ve been loving fried “rice” made with prepped cauliflower rice! So easy, low carb and requires one pan only!”

Taline Gabriel


“I go for a green goddess bowl, which is essentially pesto, quinoa and greens pan fried with seeds and an addictive creamy avo dressing.”

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Jackie Ader


“My favourite dinner that can be made in about twenty minutes is my Maple Sesame Tofu and Sesame Roasted Cauliflower served over quinoa. You basically combine soy sauce, maple syrup, sesame oil, rice vinegar, ginger and pepper and marinade the tofu in it.”

Cheryl Law


“Cooking is a bit tough for me because I don’t often get time in the kitchen! If I had to say what I think I could make in 20 minutes left to my own devices, it would be lamb cutlets with roasted vegetables.”

Naturally Nutritious


“I’m Italian so I absolutely love pasta, and I always have good quality sauce in the cupboard or freezer for those nights I need something quick and filling. People tend to stay away from pasta because they’re worried it’ll cause weight gain, but it’s all about portion size.”

Li Chi Pan


“I love to make a quick Thai vegetable green curry!”

October 13, 201610:49am

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