The perennial style-setter talks candidly about her fitness routine, how she winds down and details on her latest business venture.


She’s one of Australian fashion’s mainstays with a CV peppered with roles at Ksubi, sass and bide and General Pants Co, but Pip Edwards, who once also worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, has made waves in the sportswear arena over the last year with her retro-style activewear label, P.E. Nation.

On top of her design duties, the businesswoman and mother-of-one has teamed up with Ella Bache to launch their new, streak-free self-tanner Great Bronze ahead of summer. And, given Edwards lives in the heart of Bondi, we think tanning (safely, that is) is a topic she’s well-versed in. Here, she shares the simple – but effective – skincare rule she lives by, how she makes fitness a priority and the most important thing she’s learnt in training. (“It’s all about technique.”)

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?

“Always cleanse and moisturise your skin before bed – and be diligent with this! It’s a simple routine, but it actually works. You must have a beauty regime, but it doesn’t need to be extensive. Just focus on your skin and consciously look after it.”

Do you change your hair in summer to match your tan?

“The sun can naturally change and highlight my hair just from spending time at the beach. Sometimes, I do go for a lighter colour in summer, with more blonde highlights through the ends, and a little more of the rust colour into the roots, so that it creates a tonal effect against with my skin. I love a tonal look!”

Can you tell us a bit about your collaboration with Ella Bache?

“We collaborated with Ella Bache to celebrate all things summer, to glorify beautiful healthy summer skin, and to encourage the active woman to focus and look after her skin. We were both launching our summer collections and there seemed to be an obvious synergy in our messaging. The thing about Great Bronze by Ella Bache is that gives you an immediate sun-kissed effect, the tan develops gradually and streak free and continues to deepens and develop over time.”

What’s one piece of business advice you’d give to budding entrepreneurs – in and outside of the fashion, beauty and wellness space?

“Really understand what it is that you are offering the consumer, understand it inside and out, believe it, and really, really want it. That passion and energy can be infectious, and can make anything happen. Nothing is impossible if you really plan for it, have structure around it, and believe in it wholeheartedly.”

What are your tips for keeping your health and fitness together with such a busy schedule?

“I actually work my fitness and training sessions into my working day, otherwise they would never happen. Juggling work and social commitments while being a single mother doesn’t leave much spare time, and fitness is so important for my peace of mind and sanity. I have to plan for it so it becomes party of my lifestyle and part of my daily routine.”

What are the go-to things you do to help you relax?

“Lying on the beach is super relaxing for me. So is chilling out the couch, and going for a long walk and looking to the horizon at dusk…”

What’s your go-to workout outfit?

“Anything P.E Nation! I wear it day in, day out and I love it. I always wear 7/8 tights, a crop with a very low-slung training singlet.”

What’s your favourite workout?

“I alternate between a few. My new obsession is surfing, but I love to box and soft-sand run as well. Now that we can feel summer in the air, anything outdoors makes me excited!”

What’s your favourite pre-workout snack?

“Some dates and cashews for extra energy, a shot of coffee, or in the morning, sometimes a boiled egg.”

What are the best fitness tips you’ve learnt in training?

“It’s all about technique. Technique is everything and to be conscious of doing it the right way, for results and to care for your body. Secondly, keep at it, and don’t give up. Thirdly, enjoy it! Do it because you love it and it makes you feel good and the rest will follow.”

Did you have a turning point when it came to your health?

“I’ve always been into fitness and health but over the last two years I’ve realised that health is everything. I need my health for my son and my family, I need my health for work, and I need my health for my sanity. My whole existence and mind set actually revolves around my health.”

How do you stay motivated?

“Training makes you feel good! When you train you also look good. If you feel good and look good you are generally in a zone to maintaining this. It’s all intertwined. Train hard, look good, feel good. The real motivation, though, is the adrenalin rush and how invigorated you feel, and how strong and clear you feel when you are fit and healthy and in balance.”

November 21, 201611:27am

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