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If you have, or have ever had a fringe, you know how insanely annoying it can be having to deal with the in-between, slightly grown out stage. You know – it’s just that little bit too long, pokes you in the eyes, doesn’t blow-dry the way it did straight out of the salon. But the idea of trimming it yourself? Immediate visions of too-short, wonky bangs come to mind right?

When I had a fringe last year, I was completely against the whole “trim your fringe at home” concept. I just knew I’d be the person who kept trimming, and trimming, and trimming – until my wispy 70’s bangs turned into a short, spiky mess. That is, until an actual HAIRDRESSER explained that, as long as you follow a few important rules, it’s incredibly easy and foolproof to trim your own fringe at home between salon visits.

This isn’t for re-styling, just maintenance

Don’t give cutting a new fringe a go at home – or creating a whole new style out of an existing one. This is purely a minor tweak situation. “Just trimming your fringe out of your eyes is fine, but anything more than that should be done by a professional,” says co-founder and Hair Direction at Esstudio Galleria, Aleks Abadia. Have a point of reference.

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For me, this was to pull my long, 70’s style curtain fringe (where it separates in the middle, and graduates in length so it’s slightly longer on the outer edges) all together into the centre, align it with the bridge of my nose, and then trim with the scissors pointed upward, little by little. I was never to make it shorter than the middle of my nose, either. But this is something you should definitely chat with your hairdresser about first, because different fringe shapes require different trimming methods. “Cut less that you really need to until the desired length is reached. Literally chip away at it slowly,” says Aleks – you’ll be less likely to cut too much off this way.

Have your hair in the style you normally wear it

Don’t try trimming a fringe with wet hair. You’re way more likely to cut more off than you intended. Instead, dry it off so it’s exactly how you would normally wear it – whether you blow dry it for volume, or wear it dead straight. Then, go in to trim.

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Use the right scissors

Sadly, those handy kitchen scissors aren’t gonna work. “Regular scissors may cause split ends and also damage the ends of hair,” says Aleks. The solution? Pick up a pair of standard hairdressing scissors. You can find them at most hair retailers, like these ones from Price Attack.

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