Roll out your mat for the sake of your skin! By Janice Sim

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You might have heard of the many benefits of doing yoga – it reduces stress, boosts your immune system, builds muscle strength, gives you better body posture, just to name a few. But did you know that it also helps to improve your complexion? This is how doing yoga can get your skin glowing from within.

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1. Yoga is a stress buster

We tend to break out whenever we’re stressed out. Doing yoga more frequently can prevent unwanted inflammation as it keeps your body relaxed. This sense of calm stills the mind as well as your skin, keeping acne, redness and other senstive reactions at bay. 

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2. Yoga improves digestion

A bad diet, a polluted environment, and work stressors can affect our digestive system, leading to constipation or even diarrhea. When bad bacteria gets clogged up in our gut, that can be the reason for our skin’s inflammation. Certain yoga poses like the cat/cow pose can help stimulate your digestive system by acting as a massage for your internal organs. In return, you get a healthier gut and better skin! 

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3. Yoga increases blood circulation

When we have bad blood circulation, our skin ends up looking pale and dull. The lack of nutrients can slow down the healing process of our existing blemishes and even collagen production, which is essential for firm and taut skin. The various poses we do in yoga, gets the blood and oxygen moving in the body. The result? A glowing and youthful complexion.

4. Yoga promotes self-awareness

The unique thing about yoga, compared to other forms of exercise is that you learn how to be conscious of relaxing the muscles in your body, whether be it in your limbs or your face. We notice where exactly the tension forms in our faces, and this silent observation can come into your daily lives as well. The yoga cues you pick up can make you more aware of keeping tension out from your facial muscles. Fewer frowns, fewer wrinkles! 

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